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Celsius Electronics (a.k.a. CEL-EL) is the eclectic, electric Hip Hop/Electro duo consisting of Man In Charge and L05.

CEL-EL formed in August 2008, and the excitement has been building ever since. Having released their debut album in January 2010, the multi-talented Man In Charge and L05 invoke the roots of Hip Hop, Soul, R&B, Electro, and various other influences to present a high-octane, explosive performance.

Celsius Electronics are certainly no strangers to the stage, having performed with artists such as Tree City, Mayer Hawthorne, Qwel & Maker, Athletic Mic League, Detroit Mixo, Dante LaSalle, My Dear Disco, Stryfe, Vertual Vertigo, D.O. aka Defy The Odds, DJ Graffiti, Tasherre D’Enajetic, Yoshi, Big Sean, and Grammy-nominated Janelle Monaé

Look for them to lead the evolution of music into the next decade and beyond as they and the rest of the Branch Out Collective gain increasing momentum...


L05, Man In Charge


Ann Arbor, MI





January 2010

CEL-EL Sampler ‘09

January 2009


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